Hemp History Week 2019

Hemp History Week is June 3-9! Join us in the 10th celebration of hemp as more than just a healthy whole food source of plant-based protein. Did you know hemp is also a growing U.S. industry with more than 78,00 acres farmed in 2018? Were you aware that hemp is an environmentally sustainable solution for thousands of non-toxic products ranging from car parts and building materials to paper products, textiles, plastics and even ethanol? Hemp also sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and puts it right back into the soil, healing our distressed farmlands when other regenerative agricultural practices are used.

Do you choose to boost your nutrition with hemp because they are giving your body all 9 essential fatty acids, Omega-3 and 6, plus vitamins and minerals? Have you ever enjoyed some hemp seeds on avocado toast and the rich flavor of hemp seed oil as part of a salad dressing? We like to pamper ourselves with moisturizing hemp body care products.

As lawmakers, farmers and families embrace how hemp can support a healthy future for people, planet and our economy, the laws surrounding U.S. cultivation are currently being rewritten. Federal policy has opened up the opportunity for hemp farming and there is still work to be done writing the federal and state policies. Help us educate our community on the benefits of hemp by celebrating Hemp History Week’s Return of the Plant! June 3-9. Learn more at HempHistoryWeek.com.

Hemp’s Modern History in the U.S.

  • 1700’s American farmers are required by law to grow hemp in Virginia and other colonies

  • 1776 Declaration of Independence is drafted on hemp paper

  • 1797 U.S.S. Constitution is outfitted with 60 tons of hemp sails and rigging

  • 1790’s George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams grow hemp and extol its benefits

  • 1890 –1940 USDA Chief Botanist, Lyster Dewey, grows hemp at Arlington Farms, Virginia, current site of the Pentagon

  • 1937 Hemp’s cultivation is halted by the Marihuana Tax Act

  • 1938 Popular Mechanics article “New Billion Dollar Crop” explains that new developments in processing technology could use hemp to manufacture over 25,000 different products, “from cellophane to dynamite”

  • 1942 Henry Ford builds an experimental car body made with hemp fiber, which is ten times strong than steel

  • 1942 –1946 American farmers from Kentucky to Maine to Wisconsin harvest over 150,000 acres of hemp through the USDA’s Hemp for Victory program

  • 1957 Last hemp is grown in the U.S. due to government confusion over hemp and drug varieties of the plant

  • 1998 U.S. manufacturers begin to import food-grade hemp seed and oil from Canada

  • 2004 Ninth Circuit Court decision in Hemp Industries Association vs. DEA permanently protects sales of hemp foods and body care products in the U.S.

  • 2005 A bill is introduced in the U.S. Congress for the first time allowing states to regulate hemp farming 2007 The first hemp licenses in over 50 years are granted to two North Dakota farmers

  • 2010 1st annual Hemp History Week produces 200 events in 32 states exposing 100,000 people to hemp and the cause

  • 2013 Ryan Loflin plants and harvests hemp in Colorado, making headlines as the ‘first’ hemp farmer in decades after the state legalizes cannabis and defines industrial hemp in 2012

  • 2014 President Obama signs the Federal Farm Bill with hemp amendment, section 7606, allowing states with pro-hemp legislation in place to grow hemp for research

  • 2014 Kentucky and Vermont grow hemp under section 7606 of the 2014 Federal Farm Bill, but not without government complications

  • 2015 Colorado,Kentucky, Hawaii, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, and Vermont grow hemp under section 7606

  • 2017 33 States have pro-hemp legislation in place; 23,343 acres hemp are grown across 19 states under section 7606

  • 2018 POTUS signed the 2018 Farm Bill into law, effectively removing hemp from the Controlled Substances Act and opening up the opportunity for hemp farming in all 50 states.

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