Pay It Forward with Vita Coco

July 17 - July 30

We all know that July ushers in the dog days of summer. It’s an important season to prioritize healthy hydration and this year, you can make a difference while you conquer your thirst! Together with our fellow food co-ops across the country, the Ever’man community can raise money to build a classroom in the Philippines where Vita Coco sources its raw ingredients. For every Vita Coco item purchased throughout the month of July, $1 will be donated to build a classroom for students in the Philippines (up to $10,000.) We were able to build a classroom last year and look forward to reaching this goal again, with your help!

Learn more about the Vita Coco Project.

A very special thank you to our little helpers from Ever'man Story Sprouts for creating the Pay-It-Forward Pirates that you see here guarding their refreshing treasures! These custom illustrations and recycled cardboard “coconuts” come together to create whimsical and unique characters created by our weekly kids class for ages 2-5 years old, Story Sprouts.

Story Sprouts learned about coconut farming, the Vita Coco project and made a healthy Vita Coco coconut water smoothie as a part of their summer stories series on careers.The kids got to poke their own cherry and pineapple garnish and enjoyed gluten-free coconut macaroons as a treat. Story Sprouts will be able to take their coconut pirates home with them after they are done guarding our Vita Coco display.

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