Big Jerk Soda Co.

By Ryan and Jennifer Eaton

My wife and I were working at a saloon in Montana outside of Glacier National Park and we would drink Moscow Mules there after our shift. The ginger beer they used was awesome. When we came back to Florida, it was hard to find a ginger beer that was as spicy and delicious as we had become accustomed to. I had some old home brew equipment and we made a keg for ourselves and some friends. It looked a little like swamp water but it tasted awesome. We also started playing with other flavors.

Several attempts later, friends and family started asking for bottles. After that, friends who owned restaurants and bars started asking for it, so we began getting licensed and worked out a deal with the Leisure Club to use some of their space and produce after-hours. After some inspections and juice safety training, we began manufacturing two flavors and selling to local businesses.

Our product is unlike anything we have been able to find on the market. We use only natural ingredients, fresh fruit juices that we process in house, no artificial colors, preservatives or additives of any kind. We use only pure cane sugar to sweeten our sodas and we try to use significantly less added sugar than other similar products on the market.

We are excited to be a part of the unique tapestry of local makers and doers exploding in Pensacola.

We are a company trying to use local and locally-sourced seasonal ingredients as much as possible. We make everything fresh from scratch and label, fill and cap each bottle by hand. Aside from our products' ingredients, the community has been a wonderful resource: Matt and Lee at the Leisure Club for giving us space to work, Elliot and Kerry at Gulf Coast Brewery for selling us bottles at cost, Reed and Brett at Perfect Plain for helping us with our equipment, Lisa and the range at Vowell for helping us with labels, and all the businesses who buy from us and encourage us in this endeavor.

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