Community Partner Spotlight: Keep Pensacola Beautiful

by Ellen Bell, Marketing Coordinator

As we enter into this new chapter of unpredictability, one thing that will continue to remain the same is the Ever’man commitment to supporting our local community.

The March/April community partners featured in our Eco-Friendly Bag Donation Program represent different facets of caring for our environment. For each reusable bag used in store, Ever’man donates five cents to a local or regional non-profit.

We wanted to give you a closer look at one of the organizations to show you how your contributions make a difference. We reached out to Keep Pensacola Beautiful to learn more about their mission, through an interview with Sigrid Solgard, Executive Director, and Madelyn Newton, Marketing and Communications from Keep Pensacola Beautiful.

1. How and when was KPB started?

Was there a specific instance that encouraged you to start the KPB Non-profit? "Keep Pensacola Beautiful was founded in 1978 and was officially chartered as a non-profit in 1979. It was started because of the growing problem of litter in the community and eventually joined up with Keep America Beautiful as a local affiliate to promote the mission of litter reduction, recycling education, and community beautification." – Sigrid Solgard, Executive Director

2. I see on your website that KPB has affiliates & programs. What does an organization need to do to become affiliated with KPB, and how are the programs created?

"Let's clarify: KPB is an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, we do not have affiliates ourselves, but we have sister-affiliate organizations across the country! Our programs are created based on a mixture of what national programs and initiatives are offered, and the needs of the local Pensacola community! For example, the Great American Cleanup is a national initiative promoted by Keep America Beautiful. Still, we tailor the initiative by hosting events and community programming that fit with the needs here locally." – Sigrid Solgard, Executive Director

3. What is your favorite part about working for KPB?

"I love working for KPB! The workplace culture is very collaborative, creativity-focused, and encouraging. We're a small but mighty organization! Being on a smaller team means that there's some overlap in assignments and duties. From meetings to litter pick-up, it's nice having a diverse workday!" –Madelyn Newton, Marketing and Communications

4. How is KPB going to use the donation money that the non-profit receives?

"Donations received by KPB go directly towards funding our community programming and never goes to overhead! Donations help fund equipment for community cleanups, educational material for kids in k-6th grades, paint or other beautification supplies, landscaping material, or even large-scale beautification initiatives like a Harmony Park!" – Sigrid Solgard, Executive Director

5. As we are all staying close to home these days, do you have any suggestions or activities people can perform in their homes or neighborhoods?

"Yes! There are many things people can do. We're updating our social media with constant tips and tricks that apply to the COVID-19 outbreak. From using eco-friendly cleaning supplies to donation protocol for preventing the spread of COVID-19, we're trying to cover everything on the topic that pertains to our mission." – Madelyn Newton, Marketing and Communications

6. What is KPB's vision for our community?

Here is our mission statement: At Keep Pensacola Beautiful, we believe the quality of life in Escambia County is dependent on our ability to preserve and enhance our environment. -– Sigrid Solgard, Executive Director

7. Do you have any tips that our readers can use in their daily lives to help Keep Pensacola Beautiful?

"Don't litter! Be a friend to the community and pick up trash when you see it. Recycle properly! Understand Escambia's guidelines and try not to wish-cycle or contaminate your bins." – Madelyn Newton, Marketing and Communications

During your daily/weekly grocery run, remember your reusable bags and give back to the community. Choose a non-profit from the list above to receive a five-cent donation (per bag) as a thank you for diverting waste at check-out!

If you’re not using reusable bags during the coronavirus pandemic, please consider supporting these non-profits independently.

March/April Community Partners

Keep Pensacola Beautiful: "At Keep Pensacola Beautiful, we believe that the quality of life in Escambia County is dependent on our ability to preserve and enhance our environment. Our programs focus on litter reduction, recycling education, and community beautification."

UF IFAS Extension Office: "The Mission of UF/IFAS [University of Florida Institute of Food & Agriculture Sciences] is to develop knowledge in agricultural, human and natural resources and to make that knowledge accessible."

Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida: "The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida seeks to protect our outstanding animals and plans and the lands and waters they need to survive. Since our founding in 1994, we have raised and donated more than $43 million for conservation and outdoor recreation, including outdoor youth education."

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