Make Your Days at Home Support Your Well-being

by Jordan Zeman, Ever'man Demo Coordinator and Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach

If these uncertain times have you feeling stressed or you’re starting to feel antsy at home, make a plan right now to make the most of these days. The hours could be spent becoming healthier, reaching a goal, learning something new, being productive, finding peace, getting stronger, nourishing relationships, etc. Choose to support your wellbeing! Here are some ideas.

Move every hour—10 reps per hour

· Squats

· Pushups

· Jumping jacks

· Planks

· Lunges

Practice mindful eating

· Portion out snacks on a plate

· Ask yourself if you’re truly hungry or just thirsty/bored/stressed

· Eat distraction free to give your attention to adequate chewing & proper digestion

· Get connected to your food by trying a new recipe (You might have all you need for this one—Shakshuka with Spinach)

Learn something new

· Make bread

· Sprout seeds (blog post coming soon)

· Read a book (Rec: Food Fix by Dr. Mark Hyman)

· Search a topic of interest on YouTube (Here’s an idea—Regenerative Renegades)

· Do a puzzle

· Plant seeds

· Listen to a podcast

· Check out Ever’man upcoming LIVE educational videos

Minimize distractions

· Unsubscribe from irrelevant emails

· Get rid of unwanted physical clutter

· Delete apps that aren’t used

· Organize digital files

· Unfollow social media accounts that do not contribute to your mental and emotional wellbeing

· Achieve ‘inbox ZERO’

Support local businesses

· Leave a google review

· Like and comment on their social media posts

· Buy a giftcard

Create a healthy morning routine

· Wake up at the same time every day

· Stay off phone for first hour

· Drink water first thing

· Get outside for natural light in the morning

· Exercise

Call loved ones—video calls and texts too!

· Elderly family

· Extroverted friends

· Kids being homeschooled

Although COVID-19 is a less than encouraging topic, it does present a unique opportunity to devote time to those tasks and activities that get lost in the hustle of our normal lives. Create a plan for your new (temporary) normal and make the most of it! What have you been eager to do in or around your home? There’s no time, like a quaran-time!

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