Manna Interview “Meal in a Bag”

As if the holidays weren't already an exciting time of the year, we here at Ever'man are even more excited because it is during this time that we can give back to our local communities who have given so much to us. From its twists and turns, highs and lows, success, and failures resulting from COVID, Sally, and so much more during 2020, this year has been an incredibly eye-opening experience. However, I believe these unfortunate situations have only solidified our mission and values as a Cooperative to give back to our local community through education about health, nutrition, and environmental issues. Supporting Responsible, Local Agriculture, and Small Business, but most importantly, allowing access to healthy, natural foods and products at the lowest possible price.

Since 2017, Ever'man has partnered with another co-op within our community, Member First Credit Union, to provide our Meal in a Bag Program to support local families in need during the holidays. For the small donation amount of $20 purchased at Ever'man, Member First Credit Union locations, or online a bag of food will be delivered to MANNA Food Pantries and distributed to prevent anyone from going hungry during the holidays. Each bag includes holiday staples, canned goods, brown rice and pasta, enough supplies to make a nutritious meal. As we inch closer to this date, I asked to sit down with DeDe Flounlacker, Manna's Executive Director. from Manna Food Pantry, in the efforts to highlight their hardworking organization and an inside look at the effect your purchase has.

Interview Questions:

1.) If you had to describe Manna in three words, what would they be and why?