Seasonal Solutions: Ideas We Love for Valentine's Day

by Jordan Zeman, Ever'man Demo Coordinator and blogger at Honey Wholesome

Is it time to refresh the way you celebrate Valentine’s Day? This holiday can easily become an obligation to spend gobs of money on things that cannot accurately express your love for the people in your life.

Don’t get me wrong, flowers and chocolate are the epitome of Valentine’s Day but they can feel awfully mundane unless supported by extra thought or intention.

A stop at your local co-op can make all the difference for turning a traditional & perhaps expected gift into a small token of your love and gratitude. We thoroughly vet the products on our shelves to make quality items easy to bring home. The special people in your life will appreciate the extra intention you put into choosing local, fair trade, wholesome gifts from the co-op.

There are gifts for all your Valentines at the co-op! Here’s a round-up of gifts to impress the ones you love.

Chocolate that has been ethically sourced, thoughtfully concocted & paid for fairly to provide liveable wages to farmers. I’d say that makes them extra delicious too! Click here to find out why authentic fair trade is so important.

Carlstedt’s is a wholesale flower merchant with a rich history in Pensacola, Florida and we are lucky to have their flowers brightening our store each day. Hello gorgeous & affordable bouquets!

Looking for ways to celebrate aside from eating out? Make your loved ones swoon by carefully creating their menu favorites at home. Stop by our meat counter for high quality, grass fed ribeyes and filet mignon (on sale now). Ask our meat and seafood staff for tips on cooking the perfect steak or read here for a step by step guide to an impressive main course! If for some reason it doesn’t turn out perfectly, remember it’s about the one(s) across the table from you and the love you share. Your thoughtful effort means more than any award winning steak ever could!

There’s always something festive and delicious being made in our bakery! Vegan and vegetarian options are plentiful and how about a half dozen rose cupcakes for the one who’s love language is food over flowers?

Wine. Don’t sleep on the Ever’man wine selection. We’ve got a blend to satisfy every pallet & budget. Browse the beautiful new Field and Vines section at our Nine Mile Road store and bask in the beauty that is clean wine and extensive options.

Sugar free, wholesome treats for your child to share with his or her classmates! Glee Tarts are a delicious spin on a sugar-filled, artificially colored classic.

Froth bombs and soap + scrubs from Pacha Soap Co, a soap company that has ditched synthetic fragrances and parabens to make handcrafted and ethically sourced soaps. The Honeysuckle Rose Blend is the perfect floral blend for Valentine’s Day!

An Ever’man giftcard. Swoon! Give the gift of automatic permission to stock up on self-care items like supplements, non-toxic makeup, fresh made juices from the café, or simply healthy groceries to keep them feeling well.

Most importantly, show your love through your words, actions, and example. Not just today but for all of February and beyond. Love without reservation, connect with someone who is different than you, create moments that are filled with appreciation and understanding of those around you. We appreciate our members and hope you feel the love when you walk in our doors.

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