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"Working at Ever'man allowed me to connect to people that strive to live more consciously, as well as learn about aspects of natural living that I had not even considered. After seven years this company has also been my community. The access to organic, natural, and local products is quite a blessing."

-Stacie (Customer Service/Info Desk Specialist)

"After my first day at Ever'man, I immediately knew this was the place for me. I was welcomed in with open arms and taught how to be a successful employee.

I really enjoy the upbeat atmosphere and my days go by so fast!

I can easily say I have found my career at Ever'man!"

-Marissa Connor (Graphic Designer/Marketing)

"I love working at Ever’man because of the Teamwork we have throughout both stores. Everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission.

At the end of the day you want to feel like you made a difference and at Ever’man I do!"

-LauraLee Nichols (Education and Community Outreach Coordinator/Marketing)

"Ever’man makes me feel like I belong. From the moment I stepped foot in the door, I just knew I was in the right place!"

-Aviyonne Tart (Demos/Social Media Marketing)

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Benefits available to employees

  • Competitive Wages

  • Health/Dental/Vision Insurance for eligible employees

  • 401K Plan

  • Profit Sharing

  • Paid Time Off (for both Full Time and Part Time)

  • Free membership to Ever’man Co-op

  • Employee Discount

  • Paid Holidays/Store closed. 6 days per year

  • And Many more….


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