2021 Board Meeting Dates

All board meetings are held on the last Monday of the month at 6pm in the Ever'man Educational Center at our Garden Street store, unless otherwise noted.

Members are invited to attend and permitted 3 minutes to address the board during Open Forum.

  • Jan 31st

  • Feb 28th

  • Mar 28th

  • Apr 25th

  • May 23rd (Week early due to Memorial day)  

  • Jun 27th

  • July Board retreat?

  • Aug 29th

  • Sep 26th

  • Oct 24th  (Week early due to Halloween)

  • Nov/Dec – Dec 5th

Meet the Board of Directors

Dave DeBlander

I began my business and co-op career in 1974 as a member of Nature’s Bakery coop in Madison, Wisc. In 1976, along with my wife, Kate, we opened a macrobiotic organic foods restaurant and bakery and operated them until 1990 when we moved to Pensacola. I started a carpet cleaning company here in Pensacola, Pro Clean Restoration and Cleaning, which I continue to own and operate. My wife and I (and our daughter and now son-in-law and grandchildren) have been eating a macrobiotic diet since 1974 and love the fact that we can purchase all the necessary food to maintain that diet at Ever’man. As a board member, my desire is to see the store run as efficiently as possible in order to have the lowest prices, the most pleasant atmosphere and the happiest employees. I also would like to see Ever’man lead the way in educating the community about the benefits of eating organic foods.

Kelly Oden

I’ve been privileged to serve on the Ever’man Board of Directors for the last three years. In that time, I’ve learned how to best work on a cooperative board and the dedication it takes to align decision making with both our Ends Statement and the seven cooperative principles. I’m proud to be a part of Ever’mans’ vital health and wellness work in the community and to continue in my role as a director. I have been interested in healthy living for over 25 years and I love the fact that Ever’man is a trusted source for those looking to eat wholesome, nutritious food and learn new skills for developing a healthy mind, body and spirit. For the past ten years, I have led the creative team of a local publishing company. This experience has helped me to hone my leadership and organizational skills and has given me a broad understanding of our community as a whole, as well as the opportunity to develop valuable contacts at all levels of local government and industry. My daughter and I shop at Ever’man daily and we love the sense of community offered by our local cooperative and the friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Eric Schneider

With my 17 years as an Ever’man member and prior 7 years as an Ever’man board member, I am committed to representing the Ever’man membership by promoting member value and a higher quality natural food shopping experience. I have held various positions on the Ever’man Board and understand that a cohesive Board provides the synergy for a quality member experience. The critical difference for Ever’man to stay competitive is to provide more quality organic and all-natural product options at a reasonable cost with customer education and satisfaction as a core value. I was engaged in the planning process for expanding the current store and believe that Ever’man is set to expand further into the community (locally and beyond) as an educational and local product outlet for the environmentally aware consumer. I have an interest in seeing Ever’man utilize creative concepts to promote healthy lifestyles to the underprivileged community as well.

Lynn Jackson

It has been my privilege to serve on the Ever’man Board of Directors for the past six years. I am a native Pensacolian and lifetime member of Ever’man. I love this area and have a commitment to see our community thrive, especially in the areas of health and wellness. My long-time experience as a member, teacher, business owner, retreat presenter and leader in the local health and wellness community gives me a unique insight into the needs of the Ever’man community. I have studied and applied many whole food and wellness principles to create a healthy lifestyle for myself, my family, my many students and business clients. My year of experience in the field of health and wellness is a valuable asset to the Ever’man Board. I am honored and thrilled to continue to serve on the Ever’man board!

Tara Jones

It is my honor and privilege to serve on the Board of Directors for Ever’man Natural Foods Co-op. Healthy organic food is a priority for my family as it is for yours. Supporting local suppliers through economic partnerships is a connection I highly value for the community. To maintain the momentum of Ever’man, we must collectively push for more market share of downtown Pensacola. I will use my background in marketing and sales to further educate the community on the value of a local co-op. I hope to bring ideas which will facilitate partnerships with other organizations that hold the same social responsibilities as Ever’man. Together we can streamline the balance of healthy living for all of Pensacola.

Jena  Melançon

As an Ever’man Board member, I am interested in contributing to the long-term health of our community. I admire the co-op’s educational and outreach programs, and participating in realizing its vision is exciting. As a participant of the City of Pensacola’s International Relations Advisory Board, the University of West Florida International Advisory Council, and Board of Directors of the North Hill Preservation Association, I see the opportunity to serve on your Board as a wonderful growth opportunity. And, as executive director of a local nonprofit, I want to put my organizational talents towards a cause I admire, as change starts at the local level.

Dr. Sandra Winborne


Dr. Sandra Winborne’s life is filled with excitement to sample opportunity through people, food, places, and experience with all of them. She arrives at this opportunity for consideration to become a member of the Ever’man Board of Directors with many years as a shopper at the co-op.  Dr. Winborne was born and raised in New York and holds a doctorate in Adult Education. She loves music and singing makes her very happy. If elected to the Ever’man Board of Directors, she wants to rally for the diverse communities who may need additional attention to include affordability, food choices that increase better health along with decrease illnesses, and vitamin usage.

Cheryl Kirby



I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors for Ever’man Natural Foods Co-op. I have over 18 years of executive experience to share with the team in an effort to maintain the quality offered to our local community. I started my Ever’man journey over 24 years ago. Health, wellness, and locally sourced foods are important in my life. I am so excited to be able to give back in a meaningful way not only as a voice of our mission but also using my skill set to move us forward in today’s economic landscape.